Chess in Schools and Communities is proud to announce that the London Chess Classic will return to the capital this December for its thirteenth edition. The London Chess Classic will be a ten-player all-play-all with nine Super Grandmasters, including the rising star of Indian chess, Dommaraju Gukesh, and the American Hans Niemann, whose sensational victory over the then world champion Magnus Carlsen sent the chess world into turmoil. The event takes place in central London from Friday 1st December to Sunday 10th December. The tournament is not open to the public, but all the action will be broadcast live online here on the Live Games page.

Prize Fund: 1st £15,000, 2nd £10,000, 3rd £7,500, 4th £6,000

Time Control: 40 moves in 90 minutes + 30 minutes for the remainder of the game, with a 30 second increment from move 1.

Tie Breaks for Ranking: If there is a tie for first place, there will be a play-off match comprising 2 games of 10 minutes plus 5-second increment. If this ends 1-1 there will be 2 games of 3 minutes plus a 2 second increment. If this ends 1-1 the title will be decided by an Armageddon game with 7 minutes for White vs 5 minutes for Black plus 1 second increment after move 60. The prize money will be split equally, but the winner of the tie-break match for first place will be awarded the trophy. Where first place is tied among more than two players, there will be no match and the following tie-breaks will be used:

  • Direct Encounter.
  • Greater Number of victories.
  • Greater number of victories with black.
  • Greater number of games with black.
  • Sonnenborn-Berger

Player Montage
Player Country Rating
Dommaraju Gukesh India 2720
Nikita Vitiugov England 2704
Amin Tabatabaei Iran 2692
Hans Neimann USA 2667
Mickey Adams England 2661
Andrei Volokitin Ukraine 2659
Mateusz Bartel Poland 2659
Jules Moussard France 2635
Luke McShane England 2631
Shreyas Royal England 2438
Date Round Time
Friday 1st December Round 1 2pm start
Saturday 2nd December Round 2 2pm start
Sunday 3rd December Round 3 2pm start
Monday 4th December Round 4 2pm start
Monday 4th December Xmas Party 7pm start
Tuesday 5th December Round 5 2pm start
Wednesday 6th December Rest Day No Play
Thursday 7th December Round 6 2pm start
Friday 8th December Round 7 2pm start
Saturday 9th December Round 8 2pm start
Sunday 10th December Round 9 2pm start
Monday 11th December Probiz Cup 10.30am start